The Best Craftsmanship Warranty in the Business

One of the most common questions that comes up with clients regarding installing a new roof on their home here in Edmonton is the Warranty for the work – after all – Edmonton is a beautiful city but the weather can be extreme. From massive summer rain storms to brutally cold winters – your roof takes the brunt of the punishment and if shingle aren’t installed properly, even a brand new roof can result in leaks and expensive repairs.

It’s important to distinguish between the guarantee the manufacturer offers on the shingles – and the warranty offered by the installer as they are two separate things. A 20 year warranty on the shingles means that the shingles themselves are guaranteed for those 20 years – but if the installer only offers a 2 year warranty on the work and your roof starts leaking in five years – the warranty on the labor will have expired despite the fact that the shingles themselves still have plenty of guarantee remaining.

The Rapid Roofing 10 Year Craftsmanship Warranty

Rapid Roofing backs all of our new and reroofing installations with an industry leading 10 year Craftsmanship Warranty on our work. This is in addition to the guarantee offered by the manufacturer of the shingles you choose to have installed on your home and provides peace of mind for you for years to come that you made the right choice when it comes to using Rapid Roofing – Edmonton’s trusted residential roofing specialist.

Add Value to Your Home with Our 10 Year Warranty on Roofing Installs

All realtors agree that a home with a new roof adds value to your home here in Edmonton as well as resale value. In addition to dramatically increasing your curb appeal – we also offer you the ability to transfer your warranty to the buyer of your home.

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* Warranty is transferable only once to new home owner…