Hiring a Roofing Company

Edmonton-RoofersIt was a great weekend for us at the Edmonton Home Show where we had four days to talk with literally hundreds of people about their roofs – and hear dozens of stories of both good and bad experiences with past roofing projects.

It got me to thinking about what the differences really are between roofing companies and why some homes turn out great – while others become long sagas of leaks and bitter feelings. More importantly – how you can ensure you are one of the happy ending home owners – and not the fellow on the CFRN news talking about how you were scammed by a roofing company working out of their truck and is now long gone or won’t answer your phone call or emails.

Roofing Company Rule #1

Quality is Critical and the Best Defense Against Problems.

Putting a new roof on your home in Edmonton can be expensive and as a home owner you may find yourself wanting to cut corners in the quality of materials you use to re-roof your home. In the last decade the science of roofing materials has grown exponentially and there is a significant difference between the high quality shingles an established roofing company uses and the basic product sold at hardware stores. Established companies like Rapid Roofing use only high grade shingles – and are able to back them with a full manufacturer’s warranty. One sample below:


Every roofing job has several components that make up the final project including the deck membrane, the starter strip, the Ice and Water protection layer, the drip edging and the flashing and trim around things like fireplaces and skylights.

Not only is it imperative to use the right products for the job at hand, but knowing how to use them properly is equally as important. Which brings us to

Roofing Company Rule #2

Hire Only Certified Installation Companies

Unlike plumbers or electricians, there is no real apprenticeship and designation program for roofers – in fact anyone can claim they are a roofer and there is little that can be done to dispute that. One of the ways that the industry is combating poor quality installations is to have the actual shingle manufacturers certify the installing company.

For example, Rapid Roofing is one of very few companies in the Edmonton area that is certified by the World’s largest shingle manufacturer to install GAF Shingles. As a GAF certified installer – our company and installers have completed rigorous training and testing and adhere to the Warranty standards set out by the manufacturer. As a certified installer – we are able to offer extended warranties (to 50 years non-prorate) to our clients on their GAF products – something non certified installers can’t. Rapid Roofing & Repairs is also a “Preferred Contractor” for Owens Corning. Once again, Rapid Roofing can also offer warranties of 50 year non-prorate.

Roofing Company Rule #3

Understand that the Warranty on the Shingle Doesn’t Include Workmanship

This is where most home owners get a nasty surprise with typical roofing companies. The Warranty that comes with your shingles is only for the shingle themselves and not on the cost of the labour to install or repair them. This means that if you hire a company to install your Owens Corning shingles with their 50 year design ( ie: curling / breaking down etc ) the Warranty doesn’t apply to the leak as that would be deemed a workmanship problem and is the responsibility of the company that installed the shingles. This means that if the installer botched the job and is now out of business or moved to a new city – you’re on the hook to pay for a completely new roof.

Rapid Roofing is one of very few companies that offers a 10 Year Workmanship Guarantee on our installations ( the industry standard is 2 to 5 years ) which means that if something goes wrong with your roof in the first 10 years we will repair or replace it at no charge to you.

If you take advantage of our 50 Year GAF or Owens Corning Warranty – we also offer you bumper to bumper coverage on your roof installation including both shingles and labour for 10 years. Also, as a side note, did you know GAF Shingles are the only shingles in the roofing industry to carry the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal!

These are just a few of the critical areas to consider when installing your new roof on your Edmonton home. If you would like me to come out and inspect your roof and provide you a quote on putting a new roof on your home the right way – please call our office at 780-221-8411 or request a quote via our website by clicking here.