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Emergency Leak Repair in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

Edmonton-Roof-RepairTrue to Murphy’s Law – leaks always seem to happen at the most inopportune times. Rapid Roofing can provide emergency repair services in even the most inclement weather situation – and our expert team of repair specialists will fix the job right the first time. To book an emergency leak repair appointment please call 780-221-8411 during business hours – evenings and weekends.

” So you are sitting at home one day, minding your own business, when you hear a strange sound. Looking at the ceiling, it is beginning to bow and looks a lot like a giant sponge that has been soaking for awhile. Or perhaps there is an unfinished space in your home that is actively dripping when there are no pipes nearby. You have a roof leak, and it is an emergency. The bigger the opening, the worse the emergency is “

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Why Leaks are Emergencies

When your roof leaks, you have an emergency on your hands. This is because most of the worst damage that your home can take, as well as the most expensive damage to repair, comes from water. If your home is constructed out of wood as most are, water will cause mold to grow and this mold will eat away at the cellulose that gives your home its strength. Since rain and snow are sources of water that only your roof protects you from, even a tiny leak is a big deal.

Reasons Roofs Leak

The obvious reason why a roof leaks is because there is an opening of some kind. How these openings appear is an entirely different matter. Often roof leaks happen because there is a gap at your drip edges near the outer walls of your home, or because there is a break in the flashing around your chimney, vent pipe or another vertical protrusion that should be properly sealed against the elements. In some cases, the reason why your roof is leaking is because you have an overhang that is not adequately protecting the siding underneath it.

What Causes Roofs to Leak?

The causes of roof leaks tend to be either violent or very slow. Over time, virtually any kind of material is going to break down, since water can eventually erode most anything. Broken flashing is often the cause of roof leakage, but slipped shingles can also be the culprit.

The best way to avoid emergency leaks is to check them every so often. A ten minute check in the attic every 6 months or so can stave off a lot of damage, because you can check for tiny leaks before they would even be noticeable inside your home.